Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India


When visiting Elsa Primary School, one will notice the exemplary behaviour of the students. The students are disciplined and very respectful towards their teachers. This is a reflection of the respectful interactions that are valued in India and many other traditional cultures. Indian children are taught to respect their parents and elders from an early age. Away from home they are taught to respect teachers, religious persons, dignitaries and so on. 

At Elsa Primary School, this tradition of respect is encouraged and practised. For example, on arriving at or departing from school, students pay respects to an image of the school’s late patron, Elsa. They will greet teachers with their hands pressed together in the ‘namaste’ gesture. They will also pay respects by touching the feet of teachers or visitors. When a student leaves the classroom, they politely ask permission and offer an extended hand.