Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India

Power On!

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India. The average per capita income is $1,000 p.a. and the unemployment rate is 17.5%. With its  population of 128 million, there is enormous pressure on infrastructure such as roads, hospitals & educational institutions which are all sadly lacking.

Also, power output is insufficient to supply the state’s needs and blackouts are a daily occurrence in many areas. To counter this, hospitals, government buildings & hotels have power back up systems, usually in the form of diesel fueled generators.

Power outages have been an ongoing problem for Elsa Primary School, especially during the hot season when overhead fans are non operational. Thankfully, through your generous support, this was rectified recently with the installation of an UPS Battery Backup (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Now the students have uninterrupted lighting & cooling at all times. As you can imagine, they are very happy about this.