Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India


Elsa Primary School students live in Karmoni village. Typically, they have several siblings, their fathers are farmers and their mothers are housewives. Below is a brief introduction to one of our students.

Jyoti is eleven years old and has one brother and four sisters. She has been a student at Elsa Primary Shool for three years. Her favourite subject is Mathematics and she enjoys reading in English. She is a dedicated student, spending two hours a day on homework and has aspirations to become a school teacher. Jyoti appreciates the opportunity she has to study at Elsa Primary School and especially likes her teachers and the food provided daily. She would love to visit Agra, Kolkata and Delhi. The person she admires most is Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Indian nation.

‘Jyoti’ is an Indian name for girls meaning radiant, divine light, brilliant or flame.