Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India

A Very Sad Day

Our school is named after Mrs Elsa Lalchere of Queensland, Australia. Thus, it was a very sad day for students, teachers and supporters when Elsa passed away on Monday, 7th March – just a few weeks shy of her 98th birthday.

Elsa leaves behind three children, three grand children and seven great grandchildren of her own. In Bodhgaya, she leaves behind many more children and young people who have grown to love and respect her over the years. To them, she is ‘Grandma’. From the early days of Kusala Projects, Elsa has been supporting students in Bodhgaya in various ways and even last year took on a new sponsorship of a young girl.

To honour the memory of Elsa, we hope to continue funding the school for many years to come. The photo below was taken at a service performed for Elsa by students and teachers.