Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India

Eager to Learn

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, all schools and colleges in Bihar were closed on 15th March. Initially, there was a nation wide lockdown for six weeks. After that, there was a series of rolling lockdowns with restrictions easing to some extent in June. However, in July after  further Covid-19 cases  in Bihar, lockdown was re-imposed in the state from 16th to 31st July. 

In the meantime, our students have been missing their beloved school. To facilitate ongoing learning at home, study materials and text books for the new academic year (beginning 1st April) were distributed to the students. One of our teachers resides in the same village as the students, so she has been able to give truncated lessons & assign homework to them. The included photos are of students visiting the school in ‘civvies’ to collect their new text books.

We are hopeful that Elsa Primary School will re-open on 15th August.