Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India


Covid continues to be an ongoing problem in Bihar. However, Elsa Primary School was able to remain open throughout 2021. The only extended closure was the customary hot season break at the end of May.

In 2021, new activities such as origami craft and gardening were introduced to enrich the students’ education. These are much appreciated by the students who very much enjoy their time at the school. Students understand that they are fortunate to have all their educational needs provided by supporters of the school – as expressed in the featured image.

We have been requested repeatedly by Karmoni villagers to accept twenty more students to the school. We have sufficient space but unfortunately, insufficient funding. The cost of employing a third teacher, books, study materials, uniforms and meals would be AU $6,000 per annum. Hopefully, it will be possible to expand the school at some time in the future.

Wishing all our supporters a very auspicious 2022!