Kusala Projects Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India

Welcome to 2021!

Whenever children in Bodhgaya have the opportunity to eat takeaway food, they invariably request chowmein, a Chinese noodle dish which is suprisingly available all over India. Another favourite dish for children is momos – Tibetan styled dumplings with vegetable or other fillings, steamed or fried.

Through the kind generosity of one our supporters, we were able to provide these special foods to the students of Elsa Primary School to welcome the New Year. They certainly enjoyed themselves!

2020 was a difficult year for our students with the school being closed for seven months. It has been even more frustrating for many other students in the area as their schools and colleges are yet to reopen, effectively meaning their education has been delayed for a full year. Also, schools and colleges in the area postponed enrolling new students for twelve months.

May 2021 be a healthy, happy and productive year for all students in all places!